New snapshot available 5226.20245

New snapshot available!

Download here

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New snapshot 5225.39427 available

New snapshot available on the forums.

You can download the latest snapshot here

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“Unlimited” shadow casting point lights

Next snapshot brings back “unlimited” shadow casting point lights


New snapshot 5222.19224 available

New snapshot available on the forums.

Download the latest snapshot here

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Water sight glass component

The new water sight glass component makes it easy to see if water is flowing through the pipes.



Pipes can also use any metal material. The red metal is the new copper material.



Cables can now use any plastic color. New switch glows red when powered and green when on.



Current set of workbenches:

Left: Wooden workbench

Middle: Metal workbench (for water network stuff like pipes)

Right: Plastic workbench (for electric stuff and hitech materials)




Middle helmet can be crafted from start. More exotic designs like the one on the left must be found before you can craft copies. facebook-20140409-204903


Tools stats has been added to the inventory property panel. Currently shows materials they are made of and damage vs material group.


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