Woodland snow biome

Woodland snow biome with spruces and one of may types of cave entrances found in the Blockscape world.


Hello Blockscape world!

New world1

Welcome back

Site has been down for some days. Welcome back :)

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from the Blockscape team!


Blockscape is the ultimate block building game. Next year that will be even more true.

Thank you all for the support so far!

The sleigh is a creation by forum member indi.


Silence do not mean no progress in the world of Blockscape.

Work in progress:

- Finalizing the new lighting solution

- Coding to handle mods

-Working towards to get the first version of the new world ready. This world will be called “Blockscape”. The existing world will be called “Realistic” and “Realistic flat” in the next version.

More resampling in block space

It’s easy to spot the different parts of the castle even though it’s kilometers away.

Light two

New lighting solution

Test results of the new lighting solution. Its working.

light one

Today Blockscape was released on Steam Early Access!


Head over to Steam and check out the Blockscape page.

You can also join the discussions on the forum.


New snapshot (5291.16830) available

Hi all!

New snapshot available on the forum.

To download the latest snapshot click here. For a complete list of updates check the forum

New trailer released. Check it out here

New snapshot 5277.40629 available

Hi all!

New snapshot available!

Download the latest snapshot here

For a complete list of fixed bugs and new stuff check out the forum


Happy Gaming!

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