Apples and flowers

Green apples grow on some trees in woodland spring biomes. Red apples can be found in woodland summer biomes and yellow apples can be found in woodland autumn biomes. They are all edible but have different effect on your hunger.
The woodland spring biomes is also the place to look for flowers as most types can be found here.

(This is an image from the new Blockscape world that is not released yet)


Desert trees

Jens Blomquist: Twitter

Desert trees. The Blockscape world allows any block level detail at any distance.

Detailed trees

Ice cream

Jens Blomquist: Twitter

Ice cream

More detailed trees and some stuff I built to test the game.

Twitter: Jens Blomquist

More detailed trees and some stuff I built to test the game.

CTDw5jGUYAA105j.png large

Self luminous mushrooms

Self luminous mushrooms can also be powered. Completely logical.

CSk4FN6VAAAr7dL.png large

Self luminous materials

Self luminous materials can be used as is (right) but will give you 4 times the intensity when powered (left).

CSkxl-sUAAArrGC.png large

Indirect lighting.

Light bounces of the ground and hits the underside of the sand sculpture and the bug.


Waterfalls are a new thing in Blockscape


Small stream running through the mountains

Small stream

Building the game with the game


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