Random stuff 11

To get evenly spaced biomes I implemented Voronio diagrams. Combined with other noise sources and some hacking it now works perfectly. I will write a lengthy post about this next week.

I finally managed to cover most cases in the new surface/block extraction module. The basic world  features are now actually very close to what I had in mind when I started working on Blockscape.

Spent some time on a tropic mountain generation algorithm. Starting to look really good. More about this later.

Added lots of new block types to support distant spruces and special cases in the terrain.

Implemented an extension to the paint tool that will make it possible to paint sand and snow onto any surface. What makes painting with these materials so special is that they only stick to surfaces that are facing upwards. On edges it creates a nice transition effect. Right now I’m using this for snow covered buildings and spruces. Some more work needed here but it is already a powerful tool that I think will add a really nice touch to the world and the stuff you build.

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