The Autumn Release is Here! (Build 1468021)


This release is really massive :)

The biggest change is all the logic I have added to the mblock tool to make building and digging easier and more fun. Blocks will now glue, smooth and collapse depending on the material type. Building roofs is super simple and blocks of rock material will automatically take the shape of rocks no matter what you do.

The new sound system and all the new sounds effects takes the game to a new level.

The bomb is fun. :)

Two defense towers are available in “just build” mode. Also fun. :)


- Block physics for loose materials.
- Easy roof build mode using the mblock (use [F8] to change slope)
- Easy spruce build mode using the mblock (use [F8] to change slope)-
- Complete sound effects overhaul.
- All sounds now have correct pan position and volume based on location.
- More and better destruction particles.
- View distance setting.
- Loads of optimizations.
- World encoded rock structure.
- Bombs! :)
- First versions of defense towers. Also first version of dynamic (freely movable) block models.

For a full list of features and fixes check out Blockscape on Steam

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